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Head of Louis Golding

Artist information

Name Emanuele Manasse (1904-2004)

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Object Details

Object type sculpture

Medium bronze; wooden base

Materials and techniques bronze (medium)

Dimensions 36 x 23 x 26 cm

Acquisition purchased 1939

Accession number 1987-264

Display status not on display

The writer Louis Golding (1895 –1958) was born in Manchester into a Ukranian-Jewish family and educated locally and at Queen’s College, Oxford. His novels drew on his Manchester Jewish background ('Doomington') and his bestselling novel, Magnolia Street (1932), is based on Manchester’s Hightown in the 1920s.

Selected exhibition history

1944 Opening Exhibition

1945 Exhibition of Paintings by A.A Wolmark (Konstam Collection), Dobrinsky Paris, and a selection of work from the Ben Uri Collection

1946 Ben Uri Collection of Paintings, Sculpture & Drawings

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